Homework Week 6-7

My top three favourite games are, go home stay home, camouflage and sardines. I often play these games when we go up to Paraparaumu and see my cousins. My favourite game out of these three is definitely sardines, because it’s really funny when everyone starts disappearing to the hiding place and you race to find it.

Homework- Week 5

For this week’s homework we have to write a piece of work for whether we want the flag changed or not and personally I would hate for it to change. It’s the flag that we have had representing us for generations, it’s part of New Zealand’s history and identity.

We have already spent enough money on getting people to vote for which flag they want, and it would cost hundreds of thousands to actually change the flag, hundreds of thousands of dollars that could be donated to charity.

Being down the very bottom of the world has it’s ups and downs, one of the downs is being so far away from the rest of the world, but the flag we have now contains the Union Jack, uniting us with England and Australia.

We need to keep the flag, by keeping the flag we are keeping a part of our ancestors and  a part of New Zealand.

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